Pathibhara Temple Area Development Trust

Pathivara Mata Temple is located in the Rong Rural Municipalities Wada NO -3 under the southern part of Ilam district.The temple at the hilltop of 1950 meters from the sea level. The temple as a piller of religious faith and trust is worshipped by the pilgrims since many years ago. Nobody says that exact date of the origin of the temple. Even though, there are many arguments and views about the origin. In the course of the time, Pathivara Temple Area Developments Trust was founded to manage area with the temple soundly and respectively the trust has a single objective to promote the Pathivara temple area.This temple is beyond 48 km down from the Ilam headquarter and 33 km uphill from the charali Jhapa

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Main Attractions

  • Pathivara Temple

    An ancient tale in popular about the origin of Pathbhara temple. Many years in the past Parvati mata was meditation on the lap of monument. She got blessing from god and returned down. She stepped her right foot on Pathivara. At the same time her left foot stepped on another hilltop is called Pathvara in […]

  • Siddha Devi Temple

       Prayer’s will wish and desire are supported to be fulfilled while worshipping to Siddha Devi so that it is named Siddha Devii Temple. The word “Siddha refers to completion. The temple is at the hights of 1596 meters from the sea level nearly Pathivara and Hanspokhari water pond. This temple is on the lap […]

  • Hashpokhari

    Haspokhari is a beautiful pond on the Mechi Hightway near Pathivara and Siddha Devi temple. It is at the height of 1595 meters from sea level belongs to Rong Rural Municipality word No 3 and it covers 0.15 hector area. The pond has its historical significance. The pond was before 250 years. There is not […]